Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning (HVAC)

HVAC is a trade involving environmental comfort and indoor air quality. The design of an HVAC systems is actually a sub-discipline of mechanical engineering.


Our work extends from commercial to residential with some specialty applications in between. Our work began more than 20 years ago with primarily commercial applications on construction projects. We’ve since designed duct systems, installed mechanical equipment, tested building performance, customized duct work, and so much more from large hotels to 1 bedroom condos!

Service Calls

We are called on weekly, daily in the summer months, to service equipment that has stopped working properly. Sometimes the AC just isn’t cold enough, or the pilot light on the furnace won’t come on, or there is no air flowing from the vents… We get called on for a number of things and this is a big and important part of our business. We have formed wonderful professional relationships through service and attribute the growth of our business to all of the amazing customers we’ve been lucky to meet on service calls.




Unfortunately, we don’t get nearly as many maintenance calls as we do service calls no matter how much we stress the importance of maintaining an HVAC system! System maintenance can prevent many of the service calls we receive and save tons of money in the long run because the repairs associated with the calls might not have been necessary.

System Analysis

A good tradesman knows that each component of an HVAC system is as equally important as the next. Sometimes a system doesn’t function properly and the causes are not very obvious. It’s simple when equipment requires a part or a damper needs to be installed or even when the fan speed needs to be adjusted… but what if the problem is none of these things? System analysis are not always performed but we highly recommend them in order to service each system appropriately. We usually get called on to analyze a system that a customer has just acquired and we’ve discovered some pretty interesting and important facts that we are then able to apply to our service of those systems going forward.


Not only do we review plans and specifications to come up with the estimated costs for a project, we also come to your business, institution, or home to look at the project you’re interested in completing. We’ve assisted in master bathroom renovations, retail retrofits, church expansions, restaurant upgrades, and more.



Before you take on something you don’t fully understand it is best to educate yourself, won’t you agree? The HVAC trade is way more complex than one might think. Sure, there are some tasks that you could probably take on by yourself and but it is very important that you seek the advice of a professional before jumping in! You may even be a mechanical engineer in the planning phase of a project looking for the guidance of industry professionals more familiar with system functions of specific building use types. Whatever it is, calling us first is probably a really good idea.